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About this blog

Well, hello there. You might be here because you’ve recently picked up one of the books in the Paley Office Park Romance Novellas series. Or you wandered over here through some other means. Either way, welcome!

Participation is greatly encouraged, but we need a few ground rules. This is a friendly place with a positive, healthy outlook on sex. If you are not old enough to talk about sex or read erotica, it’s not the place for you.

While sex may be a topic here, I’ll save the explicit stuff for the books, and so should you. Let’s keep our language R-rated around here (we are adults, after all). I can’t say the same for the books, because they are HOT.

Racism and/or discrimination of any kind is absolutely prohibited, as is the language related to racism and/or discrimination.

Thanks for stopping by, and good for you for adding a little steam to your life.


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